Scripture Mission Conference Center is located on the compound of Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) in Karen, Nairobi. The compound was originally bought in 1978 for the establishment of the Norwegian Community School. For a long time, the main activity on the compound was schooling. At the most, 76 children attended school here, whereas 42 of them were in boarding.

At the end of the last century, the number of missionaries had decreased, and along with it there were just a few children in boarding at the compound. But the buildings were there still. In the late 1990s one had to start thinking in new ways regarding how to use the buildings.

Along with the decreasing number of missionaries, the tourist activity from Norway to Kenya increased. More and more people would like to see the missions work with their own eyes. Scripture Mission Conference Center was established in 2000 in what used to be the boarding houses.

The center's goal was and is to be a place where different cultures can meet. Groups can be accommodated, eat, conference, get to know missions work and be challenged for service. Today, the center has a capasity of approximatelyl 35 persons. It plays an important role in the missions work of Kenya and Tanzania.

Scripture Mission Conference Center is not supposed to be like the other hotels where you just get food and a bed. It is supposed to be something more. So far, Norwegian university colleges like NLA and Gimlekollen have represented the largest guest groups. But it is also possible for national christian organistions and their evangelists to meet here.

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